Buffalo Creek Park Provides New Bouldering Access

In 2022, the Town of Lake Lure and the Carolina Climbers Coalition began working to open a newly-discovered boulder field within Buffalo Creek Park. Once finished, this boulder field will be far more extensive than the existing Loop Trail Boulders, containing potential for 200+ problems (bouldering challenges) and 20-30 roped routes.

Access to the Upper Creek Boulders has been opened up via the Upper Boulders Trail, which is currently under construction. While this trail was primarily created to serve climbing access, it is also an interesting hiking trail in a previously inaccessible section of the Hickory Nut Gorge.

The Buffalo Creek Loop Trail Boulders and the new Buffalo Creek Upper Boulders Trailhead can be found off of Buffalo Creek Road, while Rumbling Bald Climbing Access Area can be found the Rumbling Bald Trailhead within Chimney Rock State Park.

"The Carolina Climbers Coalition is thrilled to bring a new climbing and hiking access area to Rutherford County. Thanks to the partnership of the Town of Lake Lure and funding support from the RHI Legacy Foundation and Rutherford Bound, we have been able to begin construction of this great new trail."

- Mike Reardon, Executive Director, Carolina Climbers Coalition

The Upper Boulders Trail is located within Buffalo Creek Park in the Town of Lake Lure, and once finished, will be a 1.4 mile trail branching off of the existing Buffalo Creek Park Loop Trail.  The moderately strenuous trail will gain approximately 500 feet of elevation and will pass boulders and small cliffs that are desirable for bouldering and roped climbing. The wildflowers, cascading creeks, abundant wildlife, remote forest, and summit views will be an attraction for hikers and climbers alike.

The Carolina Climbers Coalition is working on this trail weekly and is looking for volunteer and financial support for this project; for more information, please visit their website. This project is being funded by a grant from the RHI Foundation and the Rutherford County TDA, as part of Rutherford Bound's Year of the Trail initiative.

Additionally, the Upper Boulders Trail is now included in the Pisgah Map Company's Trail Guide to Hickory Nut Gorge, which can be purchased here.

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