Three Exciting Projects Underway in Lake Lure & Chimney Rock

The Town of Lake Lure is seeing some exciting new projects come to life, all focused on creating additional access and improving the user experience in some of the Town’s most beloved outdoor spaces. 

Morse Park Overlook

Already completed is the Morse Park Overlook Project. The new overlook is directly adjacent to the gazebo and provides park users the perfect location to take pictures, as it directly overlooks scenic Lake Lure.

Visit Morse Park!

Lake Lure Town Center Walkway

The Lake Lure Town Center Walkway offers a scenic walk through the Town of Lake Lure. The new and improved walkway connects the Flowering Bridge down to the beach (and beyond!) and pavers have been laid in place of the original brick sidewalk. The project should be completed soon, just in time for visitors and residents to enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring in Lake Lure.

Visit the Lake Lure Town Center Walkway!

Dana Bradley, the Parks, Recreation, and Trails Coordinator for the Town of lake Lure, is excited to move forward with these projects.

“We have so many visitors come to Lake Lure each year and we want to offer them the best experience possible. Residents and visitors alike will benefit from these beautiful new additions to the town."

Buffalo Creek Park Trailhead

Finally, the Buffalo Creek Park Trailhead is growing from a small, six-space parking lot into generous space for 54 parked vehicles. This project has been funded through the Rutherford County TDA, as well as contributions from Rumbling Bald Resort, the Town of Lake Lure, and proceeds from the Carolina Climbers Coalition’s annual “Rumble” bouldering competition. Currently, hikers visiting Buffalo Creek Park are forced to park on the side of the road when the lot fills. If all goes according to plans, this project should be completed by early summer 2022.

Visit Buffalo Creek Park!

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