WNC Mountain Bike Community Shreds on Rutherford County Trails

The Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority (RCTDA), along with the Town of Lake Lure and Conserving Carolina, has continued to develop mountain biking opportunities in the Hickory Nut Gorge. Specifically, purpose-built trails for mountain biking on Weed Patch Mountain and an expanded parking lot at Buffalo Creek Park (part of the Rutherford Bound initiative) are drastically increasing access in the area.

Mountain bikers enjoy the challenging terrain on Weed Patch Mountain.

Buffalo Creek Park

Buffalo Creek Park provides the perfect 1/2-day mountain biking adventure! The park's tight and twisty bermed turns feature a moderate elevation change, with the 3.5 mile main loop trail connecting to the larger Weed Patch Mountain Trail. Currently, the parking lot at Buffalo Creek Park is under construction -- expanding from a small, six-space lot and eventually accommodating 54 parked vehicles. This improvement is funded by the RCTDA as part of the Rutherford Bound initiative and serves visitors to both Buffalo Creek Park and the Weed Patch Mountain Trail.

Buffalo Creek Park offers stunning views of the surrounding Hickory Nut Gorge. Image Credit: Town of Lake Lure

Weed Patch Mountain Trail

To turn a 1/2- day Buffalo Creek Park adventure into a full-day, add in Weed Patch Mountain Trail! The award-winning 8.6 mile trail is one of the most exciting backcountry adventures in WNC, traversing rugged mountain terrain through a remote wilderness area. Bikers will cut off of the Buffalo Creek Loop Trail and end at Eagle Rock (Weed Patch is the first public access trail to Eagle Rock in Chimney Rock State Park). This trail is difficult terrain and experienced mountain bikers will enjoy the steep switchbacks and long trail. For a fast downhill ride, park in the Eagle Rock parking area and ride the trail all the way down to the Buffalo Creek Loop.

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