Broad River Paddle Trail, Rutherford County

When complete, the Broad River Paddle Trail will feature a series of safe river entry and exit locations from Lake Lure dam to the county line. Each access will include parking, signage, and safe river access.

Project Status

The county is currently working with NCDOT and Fish and Wildlife Resources to complete the two accesses where the Broad River intersects with Highway 221 and 221A. Some funding has been secured for Highway 221. A preliminary design has been developed for both access areas. 

Opportunities for Giving

Donation of all sizes are welcome and can help support the funding of elements such as the kayak launch, signage, and landscaping. 

Secured Funding to Date

Recreation Trails Program: $100,000
RHI Legacy Foundation: $175,000
Duke Energy Foundation: $45,000
NCDEQ Water Resources Development Grant Program: $125,000



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