The Factory at KidSenses Museum, Town of Rutherfordton

KidSenses museum features exhibits aimed at kids ages Infancy-10. The museum is currently expanding to include a new maker space workshop called The Factory that appeals to tweens and teens ages 11 and up. This interactive maker space and regional attraction will feature tools and technologies such as Laser Cutters, 3-D Printers, and CNC-Robots.

Concept Designs

Project Status

We have completed the first phase of FACTORY construction which included necessary demolition and structural renovation of the historic building, new windows and entrances, and new sidewalks. KidSenses Interactive Children's Museum caters to over 35,000 visitors each year, and the addition of The Factory, a maker center aimed at kids of all ages, and renovation of the museum’s Discovery Garden expands the current 11,000 square foot museum to 27,000-square feet.

Opportunities for Giving

Construction of The Factory and the KidSenses Discovery Garden consists of three phases. Work on the second phase commences in October 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by May, 2021. Donation of all sizes are welcome and can help support the funding of elements such as specific zones of engagement and equipment.

Secured Funding to Date

Government: $325,000 
Private Donations: $20,000
Foundations and Sponsorships: $1,670,000


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