Ellenboro Cotton Gin Park

The Town of Ellenboro recently acquired the Colfax Cotton Gin on Main Street with plans to redevelop the site as a public park and gathering space. Preliminary plans include a tailgate market, pavilion, stage, playground, walking path, public art, and educational signage.

Existing Conditions and Preliminary Plans     


Project Status

The Town of Ellenboro has an active Beautification Committee that is committed to advancing the Cotton Gin Park project. The project is currently in the conceptual design phase and the Town has partnered with the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority to begin raising funds for engineering and construction. Donations of all sizes are welcome and will help pay for elements such as playground equipment, landscaping, and public art.

Major Funding to Date

• Town of Ellenboro $100,000
• Rutherford County TDA: $100,000
• NC PARTF: $450,000
• RHI Legacy: $285,000


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