Chimney Rock Village Streetscape Phase 1 Begins

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A re-envisioned streetscape provides a “leap forward” of long-needed improvements and upgrades, promising a heightened experience for travelers and a better community for residents in idyllic Chimney Rock Village– the gateway to one of NC’s most treasured State Parks.

On January 21, government, business, and community leaders, along with project planners, commemorated Phase 1 of the streetscape revitalization project, a bold new step that’s been years in the making.

The project will enhance and expand the decades of forethought and hard work that have made Chimney Rock a worldwide attraction for more than a quarter-million visitors every year.

The streetscape plan will draw together the town’s existing structures and spaces into a more cohesive and walkable experience for visitors. Phase 1 of the project will include a new Riverwalk Plaza between the Gem Mine and Bubba O’Learys. This new 1,200-square-foot plaza will provide for new gathering and seating areas, improved access to the Riverwalk along the First Broad River, street trees, lighting, and parallel parking.

“I want to help develop, protect and showcase the abundant natural resources here and protect it so it can be enjoyed forever. We want to build this as a tourism mecca but also protect and preserve the natural beauty, wonders and resources.”

Peter O'Leary, Mayor of Chimney Rock Village

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